• Part #: 54-422-450-1

    Mini-MAG Protractor

      Mini-MAG Protractor

      Manufacturer: Fowler

      Range/Size: 360 degrees

      Graduations: .05 degrees

      Price: $68.95 

      Product Description:

      54-522-450-1 Mini-MAG Protractor

      The NEW Fowler 54-422-450-1 Mini-MAG Protractor provides instant 360 degree digital inclination display of any angle with the additional unique feature of embedded magnets on both sides and the bottom which make it ideal for a variety of measurements. The display inverts for easy readings!


      • Embedded magnets with 35lb. pull
      • Uses a standard 9V battery (250 hrs.)
      • Measuring range: 360 degree (4 x 90 degree)
      • Display automatically inverts
      • Resolution: .05 degree
      • Accuracy: +/-.2 degree
      • Repeatability: .05 degree
      • Hold Feature

      The Mini-Mag Protractor is one of the most popular tools that is commonly found in Fowler's Tool-.A-Thon. The 54-422-450-1 is small, compact, and can be used a variety of applications and industries.

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