• Part #: 52-255-428

    XTA Holemike # 52-255-428

    XTA Holemike # 52-255-428

    Manufacturer: Fowler

    Range/Size: 275-300mm

    Graduations: .005mm

    Price: $3,643.53 

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    Product Description:

    52-255-428 Fowler/Bowers XTA Mechanical Holemike: 275-300mm

    The Fowler/Bowers XTA Holemike set 52-255-428 is a 3-point contact bore gage.

    This set contains the following:

    • 54-342-029 Fowler/Bowers XT Head: 275-300mm
    • One Analog Holemike Readout
    • 54-332-017 Fowler/Bowers XT Setting Ring: 11"/275mm

    The Fowler 52-255-428 XTA holemike bore gage is also available in two electronic versions:

    • 54-566-879 Fowler/Bowers XTH Pistol Grip Set: 11.00-12.00”/275-300mm
    • 54-366-040 Fowler/Bowers XTD Electronic Holemike Set: 11.00-12.00”/275-300mm

    The Fowler/Bowers XTA holemike sets of mechanical two and three point bore micrometers are now available with extended travel. The extended travel or "XT" is available on all heads between .080-12"/2-300mm. Operators are now able to measure larger ranges with a single bore micrometer without having to interchange the anvils and re-calibrate the gage. The Fowler/Bowers XTA series of internal micrometers are one of the most popular brands of bore micrometers and is known for great quality.


    • Graduations 0.00025" (0.005mm)
    • 2-pt contact measuring anvils below .250"/6mm
    • Tungsten carbide measuring anvils on all 3-point XT heads above .5" (12.5mm)
    • Blind bore measuring above .500"/12.5mm
    • Ratchet stop for consistent measuring to ensure better repeatabililty among operators
    • Non-removeable anvils
    • Optional extensions are available for deeper bore measurements
    • Setting rings included in all sets
    • Includes UKAS certificates for all Holemikes and setting rings
    • Every gage is individually serialized

    Below is a list of the individual XTA Mechanical Holemike Bore Gages that measure in inches:

    Individual Sets:

    Large Capacity Sets:

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