• Part #: 54-364-050


    XTD Electronic Holemike Set # 54-364-050

    XTD Electronic Holemike Set # 54-364-050

    Manufacturer: Fowler

    Range/Size: .750-2"/20-50mm

    Graduations: .00005"/.001mm


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    Product Description:

    54-364-050 Fowler/Bowers XTD Electronic Holemike Set: .750-2.0"/20-50mm

    The 54-364-050 Fowler XTD Electronic Holemike set is made up of the following:

    • 54-342-016 Fowler/Bowers XT Head: .750-1.00"/20-25mm
    • 54-342-017 Fowler/Bowers XT Head: 1.00-1.375"/25-35mm
    • 54-342-018 Fowler/Bowers XT Head: 1.375-2.00"/35-50mm
    • 54-332-009 Fowler/Bowers XT Setting Ring: .750"/20mm
    • 54-332-010 Fowler/Bowers XT Setting Ring: 1.375"/35mm
    • 54-364-552 Fowler/Bowers XTD Electronic Holemike Readout: .750-2.00"/20-50mm

    The Fowler/Bowers XTD Electronic Holemikes are the new generation of the Fowler/Bowers bore micrometers. The XTD electronic holemike bore gages now have extended travel with fixed anvils. Operators no longer have to worry about switching out the anvils as in past generations. All XTD Electronic Holemikes come standard with a ratchet stop which ensures better repeatability among operators. The “two-button” electronics are easy to operate and have the capability of storing up to three preset sizes. The holemikes have RS-232 output and can be connected to a laptop or PC by cable (see below) or wirelessly.

    The 54-364-050 XTD Electronic Holemike Set comes with a 5-year warranty. These digital internal micrometers are manufactured in England by Bowers Metrology, one of the most respected bore gaging companies in the world. Top quality products usually come with a great warranty and the Fowler/Bowers XTD Electronic Holemikes are backed with the best warranty in the industry.


    • Large easy-to-read display
    • Direct inch/metric conversion
    • Ratchet stop for consistent measurement
    • Resolution: .00005"/.001mm
    • RS-232C output
    • Setting rings included in all sets
    • Includes UKAS certificates for all micrometers and setting rings
    • Special anvils available

    There are two RS-232 cables available that can be used with the 54-364-050 XTD Electronic Holemike:

    Below is a list of the XTD Electronic Holemike Bore Gages:

    Large Capacity Sets:

    • 54-364-000 has a range of .080-.250”/2-6mm
    • 54-364-010 has a range of .250-.375”/6-10mm
    • 54-364-020 has a range of .375-.750”/10-20mm
    • 54-364-050 has a range of .750-2.00”/20-50mm
    • 54-364-100 has a range of 2-4”/50-100mm
    • 54-364-105 has a range of 4-6”/100-150mm
    • 54-364-110 has a range of 6-8”/150-200mm
    • 54-364-200 has a range of 4-8”/100-200mm

    Individual Sets:

    The 54-364-050 XTD Electronic Holemike set is also offered as an XTH Holematic Pistol Grip Set:

    • 54-566-050 XTH Holematic Pistol Grip Set: .750-2.00"/20-50mm

    The Fowler/Bowers 54-367-050 XTD3 Electronic Holemike Set will be replacing 54-364-050 XTD Electronic Holemike Set once stock has been depleted.

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