• Part #: 52-010-005

    Caliper Accessory Kit

    Caliper Accessory Kit

    Manufacturer: Fowler

    Price: $50.24 

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    Product Description:

    52-010-005 Caliper Accessory Kit

    ***Caliper Not Included***

    The Fowler 52-010-005 Caliper Accessory Kit is a great accessory for calipers up to 0-8"/200mm in range. Add greater versatility to your dial, vernier or electronic calipers with Fowler's Caliper Accessory Kit. For difficult applications and configurations or hard to reach places, this handy kit measure inside, outside, step, grooves, left or right applications with just a few simple calculations.

    Kit includes :

    • Set of clamps
    • 4 sets of screws
    • 1 set of ball contact points
    • 1 set of flat contact points
    • 1 set of pointed contacts
    • 1 set of spline contact points
    • 1 allen wrench

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