• Part #: 1108-150

    Digital Calipers 1108 Series

    Digital Calipers 1108 Series

    Manufacturer: INSIZE

    Range/Size: 0-6"/150mm

    Graduations: .0005"/.01mm

    Price: $48.15 

    Lowest Price Guaranteed

    Product Description:

    1108-150 Digtial Caliper: 0-6"/150mm

    The 1108-150 digital caliper has an accuracy of +/-.03mm.


    • Resolution: 0.01mm, 0.0005"
    • Buttons: unit (mm/in), ABS, on/off, zero
    • Battery CR2032, automatic power off, move the digital unit to power on
    • Thumb Roller
    • USB Data Output
    • Meet DIN862
    • Made of stainless steel

    The 1108 series calipers are INSIZE's introductory electronic calipers but have many more features than most other brands. The auto-off feature and data output are built into the caliper's electronics and these two features are not common on most brands economy calipers. If you are looking for a quality electronic caliper without paying for all the extra bells and whistles, the 1108-150 0-6"/150mm digital caliper is a great choice.

    Below is a list of all the INSIZE Digital Calipers (1108 Series):

    • 1108-150 has a range of 0-6"/150mm
    • 1108-200 has a range of 0-8"/200mm
    • 1108-300 has a range of 0-12"/300mm

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