• Part #: 54-174-212-1


    Twin Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gages

    Twin Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gages

    Manufacturer: Fowler

    Range/Size: 0-12"/300mm

    Graduations: .001"/.01mm


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    Product Description:
    54-174-212-1 Fowler Twin Z-Height-E Electronic Height Gage: 0-12"/300mm

    The Fowler 52-174-212 has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-12"/300mm
    • Graduations: .001"/.01mm
    • Accuracy: .002"

    The Twin Beam Electronic Height Gage: Twin Z-Height-E is great for checking squareness of a work pieces as well as heights and depths. The scriber on this height gage can easily be removed and replaced with a holding bar in which the operator can attach a test indicator to be able to measure squareness. Higher Precision is happy to offer a variety of Fowler indicators that are compatible with this height gage.


    • Direct Inch/Metric conversion
    • Resolution: .001"/.01mm
    • Large LCD display
    • ABS/INC function allows measurements of the true size or comparison measurements of parts to master.
    • Hold function
    • Patented measuring system.
    • Dual chrome plated beams.
    • Carbide tipped scriber.
    • Base is hardened, ground & lapped for maximum flatness.
    • Includes indicator holding bar.
    • Includes molded case.

    The 54-174-212-1 is commonly found in the Fowler Tool-A-Thon catalog.

    Fowler Twin Beam Electronic Height Gages:

    • 54-174-212-1 Twin Beam Electronic Height Gage: 0-12"/300mm
    • 54-174-224-1 Twin Beam Electronic Height Gage: 0-24"/600mm

    Fowler Twin Beam Dial Height Gages:

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