• Part #: 1910SB-72

    Dial Indicator # 1910SB-72

    Dial Indicator # 1910SB-72

    Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

    Range/Size: 0-.006/.0079"

    Graduations: .0001"

    Price: $159.96 

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    Product Description:

    1910SB-72 Mitutoyo Dial Indicator - Compact One Revolution Type for Error-free Reading - Series 1: .006"/.0079"

    The Mitutoyo 1910SB-72 Dial Indicator has the following specifications:

    • Range(range/full stroke): .006"/.0079"
    • Graduations: .0001"
    • Dial Reading: 3-0-3
    • Type: flat back
    • Accuracy: +/- .0001"
    • Measuring Force: 1.4N or less
    • Stem/Shank: 3/8"
    • Contact Point: #4-48 UNF Thread
    • Type: ANSI/AGD
    • Shockproof Type: Y
    • Dustproof Type: Y
    • Waterproof Type: N/A
    • Jeweled Bearing Type: N/A


    Unlike many other dial indicators, the one revolution dial indicator literally shows the entire spindle travel or range as one sweep of the hand, eliminating the possibility of reading errors due to miscounting the multiple revolutions. With one-revolution dial indicators, "within tolerance" and "out-of-tolerance" can never misinterpreted An unique shock-proof mechanism is incorporated, providing improved immunity to shock due to sudden spindle retraction caused by high impact.

    Dial Indicators - Compact One Revolution Type for Error-free Reading:

    Dial Indicator - Inch:

    ANSI/AGD Type:

    • 1910S-72 Dial Indicator: .006"/.0079"
    • 1910SB-72 Dial Indicator: .006"/.0079"
    • 1909S-62 Dial Indicator: .04"/.055"
    • 1909SB-62 Dial Indicator: .04"/.055"

    Dial Indicator - Metric:

    ISO/JIS Type:

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