• Part #: 54-520-260

    Indi-X-Blue Electronic Indicator # 54-520-260

    Indi-X-Blue Electronic Indicator # 54-520-260

    Manufacturer: Fowler

    Range/Size: 0-.500"/12.5mm

    Graduations: .0005"/.01mm

    Price: $71.00 

    Lowest Price Guaranteed

    Product Description:

    54-520-260 Fowler INDI-X Blue Electronic Indicator: 0-1"/25mm

    The Fowler 54-520-260 Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicator has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-1"/25mm
    • Resolution: .0005"/.01mm/ 1/64th


    • Direct Inch/Metric Conversion
    • Auto Off Feature
    • 2-1/4" Dial Face
    • Lugback and 3/8" Stem Mountings
    • Resolution .0005"/.01mm
    • Tolerance Indicators
    • Absolute/Incremental Reading
    • Floating Zero
    • Carbide Tipped Point

    The 54-520-260 INDI-X Blue Electronic Indicator is on sale in the Fowler Tool-A-Thon catalog.

    The Indi-X Electronic Indicators are one of the better economical electronic indicators available on the market today. Finally Fowler has introduced a good quality electronic indicator where you do not have to spend $400. The Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicators are "a low cost high quality multi-function indicator".

    Fowler Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicators:

    • 54-520-250 Indi-X Electronic Indicator: 0-1"/25mm
    • 54-520-255 Indi-X Electronic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.5mm
    • 54-520-260 Indi-X Electronic Indicator: 0-1"/25mm (Inch, Metric & Fraction)

    A short video on the Fowler 54-520-260 Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicator:

    • What is included with the gage
    • Quick product overview

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