• Part #: 154-103

    Small Hole Gage # 154-103

    Small Hole Gage # 154-103

    Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

    Range/Size: 7.5-10mm

    Price: $23.48 

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    Product Description:

    154-103 Mitutoyo Small Hole Gage: 7.5-10mm

    The Mitutoyo 154-103 Small Hole Gage has the following specifications:

    • Range: 7.5-10mm


    • Used with an outside micrometer for measuring inside diameter of bores.
    • 4 sizes of gages are supplied in a fitted case.
    • Extra long for gaging deep and shallow holes, slots, and similar workpieces.
    • Gaging surface is fully hardened to insure long tool life.

    Mitutoyo Small Hole Gages - Metric:

    • 154-101 Hole Gage: 3-5mm
    • 154-102 Hole Gage: 5-7.5mm
    • 154-103 Hole Gage: 7.5-10mm
    • 154-104 Hole Gage: 10-13mm

    Mitutoyo Small Hole Gages - Inch:

    Mitutoyo Small Hole Gage Set - Metric:

    Mitutoyo Small Hole Gage Set - Inch:

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