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Bore Gage Setting Master Kit

In 2010, Fowler brought a new product to the market that makes setting a cylinder bore gage easier than ever. The Bore Gage Setting Master Kit includes a 36 piece gage block set already certified to N.I.S.T.(National Institute of Standards and Technology) as well as the gage block holder. This new kit includes everything you need to be able to master a cylinder bore gage up to 6” in diameter.

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In smaller manufacturing plants, automotive shops, and machine shops, most operators use a setting ring, certified part, or micrometer to set a bore gage prior to use. Setting rings is the best way to set a cylinder bore gage but the cost can add up very quickly. Micrometers have always been a “decent” way to set a cylinder bore gage but also takes some skill on the operator’s part to set the gage correctly. If the micrometer is not calibrated correctly or the bore gage is slightly cockeyed during the calibration process, the bore gage will not be reading accurately. The new setting master kit is a very accurate and economical way to set cylinder bore gages.

This product is worth the price for the 36-piece certified gage block set on its own. Learning how to use this setting master kit only takes a couple of minutes to “master”. The gage blocks themselves should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol prior to each use. The operator should select a combination of gage blocks that adds up to or as close as possible to the bore dimension. The blocks are then stacked in the setting master holder, locked in place, and the kit is ready to calibrate a cylinder bore gage. For those of you still using micrometers to set your cylinder bore gages, I highly recommend this product to you.

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