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Change Your Battery & Save the Manual

When it comes to metrology gages, it is best to keep operation manuals in a safe place and always make sure you have a replacement battery available for all of your gages.

After years of experience working with all types of metrology gages, I have found that changing the battery can solve a variety of display issues an operator might come across. When digital gages start to get low on battery, I have seen the displays start to act a little strange on a variety of micrometers, calipersheight gages and indicators. Sometimes an operator will see “8” all across the screen, various foreign symbols or random numbers displayed on the digital readout. Before sending a gage in for repair, try changing the battery and see if that solves your problem.

After you swap out the battery, it is best to review the gages’ manual to see if a reset button needs to be pressed. This is why I highly recommend storing operation manuals in a safe place. Operation manuals generally contain all the product specifications needed for the gages’ scheduled calibration and often come in handy when you least expect it. Manuals are also a great reference to have if you have questions about battery replacement, cleaning, maintenance, parts breakdown or any other general question about the operation of the electronics.

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