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Different types of micrometers available

The micrometer is present in almost every precision measurement workshop. As such a versatile tool, the micrometer is important for a number of different measurements and serves a wide range of roles. Accordingly, there are numerous types of micrometers available. The overarching categories are inside, outside, and depth micrometers. However, there are many which are built for multiple measurement purposes and blur the lines between these groups. We will give you a brief overview of a number of different micrometer types that are available.

Inside, outside, and depth micrometers are the most basic place to start. An inside micrometer is intended to measure the internal dimensions of a given part. Measuring the diameter of a hole or a tube might be a good reason to use an inside micrometer. An outside micrometer is just the opposite and is intended to measure the external dimensions of a part. Notably, the outside micrometer is the most commonly used type of micrometer, and one of the most commonly used precision measurement tools in general. Finally, a depth micrometer, as the name implies, is built to measure the degree of depth to a hole, a step, or a slot. Depth micrometers come in a number of sizes and typically have interchangeable rod sets in order to complete measurements across a wide range of heights. Having a basic set of inside, outside, and depth micrometers will set you up with some of the best tools available, and cover any number of measurements you might need to complete.

In addition to these basic micrometers, there are other micrometers built to complete specific jobs. Tube micrometers include an anvil in the shape of a cylinder located perpendicular to the spindle. These are used to measure the thickness of a tube or a pipe. V-anvil micrometers have an anvil shaped like the letter “V” providing three evenly-spaced measurement points. These tools are great for measuring circles with an extra point of measurement that is not available on a typical micrometer. Universal micrometers, sometimes just called uni micrometers, are made for universal measurement. These great tools come with interchangeable anvils, typically including point, disk, flat, spline, spherical, knife-edge, and blade anvils.

Another type of micrometer is the groove micrometer. A groove micrometer is most often used when measuring the internal or external dimensions of a groove. While a very specialized tool, this micrometer is an excellent addition for this particular task. Pitch-diameter micrometers, or thread micrometers, are constructed with a thread-shaped tip in order to best measure the size of a screw thread. Limit micrometers are made with two spindles and two anvils. These tools are used similarly to a snap gage in order to measure that a part fits within the minimum and maximum of a tolerance range. A digit micrometer utilizes mechanical digits while a digital micrometer uses an encoder when measuring distance. While almost all of the micrometers we have mentioned are used manually, there are also laser micrometers. Laser micrometers have incredible precision and provide a final measurement quickly.

Micrometers galore! Whether you need a more basic type of micrometer or a micrometer built for specialized measurements, we have what you are looking for. At Higher Precision, we offer top quality micrometers from a number of brands that you love. These brands include: Fowler, Mitutoyo, Spi Starrett, Sylvac, Brown and Sharpe, Insize, and Phase II. If you have questions about what specific types of micrometers we offer and which one is best suited for the job you are working on, reach out to our helpful staff today.

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