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Digital vs. Analog

As the technological boom continues, the landscape of manufacturing has been greeted with substantial changes. The “old-fashioned” method has been taken over by the more technological approach. Manufacturers are faced with the dilemma of using the tried-and-true analog method versus the more cutting edge and user-friendly digital version.

This dilemma is not really a dilemma at all, but in fact more of a personal choice. Often this personal choice results in a healthy mix of both digital and analog. When it comes to manufacturing, accuracy and quality are critical characteristics of the end result. Swiss Precision Instruments (SPI) and other reputable vendors recognize this and offer a wide range of digital and analog precision measurement tools that will yield results that will satisfy their valued customers.

For example, a popular medical tool manufacturer is looking to make precise measurements on the production of a new medical peripheral. SPI offers a wide variety of quality tube micrometers capable of meeting the scrupulous standards associated with the medical field. The next decision to make is whether to purchase an analog tube micrometer such as the 12-464-4 or a digital version such as the 13-834-7.

When making this decision, a consumer must weigh various options including cost, specifications, and other potential variables such as personal preference. The analog 12-464-4 micrometer would typically appeal to the older demographic due to the long-established nature of analog tools. Lastly, analog measurement tools consistently stand up to harsh environments due to their lack of electronic components. Factor in its significantly lower cost and demand for these tools should always be existent. The digital 13-834-7 tube micrometer would typically appeal to the younger tech-savvy demographic. Electronic precision measurement tools also benefit from ease-of-use and lack of operator error. With digital gages, you don’t have to worry about an operator misreading the vernier scale. Electronic gages can also be synced to a computer for data collection as many digital gages have output for data collection. This feature saves a lot of time at the end of the day as there is no need for operators to write down individual measurement.

Whether you choose digital or analog measurement tools you can be assured that the quality and value will be held to a high standard. Purchase SPI products and other great products from HigherPrecision.com for all your precision measurement tool needs!

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