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Digital Bore Micrometer vs. Pistol Grip

Many customers have asked us the question of what is the better digital readout to use for their bore micrometer application. Most major bore gaging companies (Mitutoyo, Fowler, and Starrett) offer digital bore micrometer head readouts as well as the pistol grip style readouts. Both types of digital readouts have their benefits depending on customer’s application.

I recommend using the digital bore micrometer readout when the customer is using measuring heads below 0.250” or 6mm. When a customer is using heads in this range, the heads are typically two-point split pin and I feel that the customer will get more accurate and repeatable readings with this style digital readout. Most bore gaging companies offer an optional stand to hold the digital readout. Though the stands are not always necessary, they can sometimes be helpful depending on the measuring application.

The pistol grip style readout is recommended for all sizes over .250” or 6mm. All of these heads are three-point unless specially ordered. A nice feature on the pistol grip readout is that it has the same measuring force each time the customer lets go of the trigger. Using the pistol grip will also cut down on time needed to take each measurement. A customer is able to take about ten times the amount of measurements than if they were using a micrometer style digital readout.

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