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At Higher Precision, we value every brand that we feature. It certainly takes numerous contributors to help us build the exquisite selection of precision measurement tools we carry. We would like to present to our readers a four-part series that highlights some of our most valuable European collaborators. Each week, we will introduce a new brand, tell its story, and describe the excellent tools that it makes available to each of you. This week, we are going to kick off the series. So without any further ado, we would like to introduce, the Bowers Group.

The Bowers Group works towards the goal of providing affordable precision measurement tools that are high quality, and rigorously tested. The first Bowers Precision Engineers and Toolmakers factory was established by T. Bowers in 1915, and almost 30 years later in 1944 the brilliant minds at Bowers designed its first 3-point internal bore micrometer. It was not until 1979 that Roger Bowers founded the Bowers Internal Gauge Company Limited in order to produce and market this one-of-a-kind micrometer. A company striving to always do its best, Bowers Group is committed to serving international markets and continuously improving its line of precision tools. In 1984, they teamed up with Sylvac, another top quality supplier, and co-created the world’s first ever digital 3-point internal micrometer. A major competitor in the precision measurement world, Bowers Group strives to provide innovation to those working in metrology.

The Bowers Group supplies high quality and affordable precision measurement instruments to individuals and organizations all over the world. As a top global brand, the employees at Bowers work hard to maintain excellence in manufacturing, comprehensiveness in the tools they supply, and availability when it comes to customer service. The customers of the Bowers Group are family, and they are treated like family in the care they receive. Part of this is offering a wide selection of well-made instruments and devices from a number of different suppliers, above and beyond those made by the Bowers Group itself. Every tool distributed by the Bowers Group comes with the Bowers high quality, customer support, and a backing of expertise across a wide range of field applications including: aerospace, medical, civil engineering, automotive, energy, packing, defense, and education.

As the sole UK agent, Bowers supplies incredible products from other top-leading metrology product brands such as Sylvac, Gagemaker, Trimos, and Wyler. Bowers is also proud to offer instruments built by Moore & Write, CV Instruments, Baty International, and A Spear & Jackson Company. Having such a respected and quality list of collaborators helps Bowers provide its customers with all the tools they could ever need. The list of instruments available is expansive. Levelling tools, bore gauges, thread measurement devices, hand tools, instruments for testing, workshop tools, height gauges, optical measurement devices, and special applications instruments are all available. Not to mention, Bowers Group has an expert staff on hand when you need them. Whether you need troubleshooting with a tool you have or have questions about a tool you are considering, Bowers Group is here to help.

At Higher Precision, we aim to carry to best selection of precision measurement tools from the best manufacturers around. Through our collaboration with the Bowers Group we are able to offer some of the best European brands available. Visit our website or contact us today if you would like to know more about the Bowers Group itself or the supplies we carry from them. Thank you Bowers Group for an excellent partnership!

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