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Welcome to week two in our series of highlighting some of our most valuable European brand collaborators. We are proud of our selection of brands and are very aware that we are the wide-ranging company we are because of our numerous contributors. Our selection of precision measurement tools is built on corporate collaboration and is composed of an extensive range of top-quality devices. This week, we would like to introduce you to another wonderful European brand and tell you a little bit about who they are—Sylvac SA.

The tagline from the Sylvac SA website says it all, “experts in connected metrology.” They certainly are experts, and they certainly are connected. As an original family business, Sylvac SA has been providing high quality and stable service to those in the field of metrology for more than 40 years. The team at Sylvac SA has cultivated a long-term vision and worked hard to maintain a core of values to make the best products possible and to serve their customers well. With an incredible group of staff members including precision measurement experts and customer service specialists, Sylvac SA is committed to its product and its customers. Based in Switzerland, Sylvac SA aims to bring its skill in microtechnology to the world.

As a traditional family company, Sylvac SA is proud to have such a wide-reaching global presence in the world of metrology. As a leading company, the precision measurement tools and devices sold by Sylvac SA are distributed in over 50 countries, including through yours truly, Higher Precision. The world-wide team representing the Sylvac SA name globally helps to distribute the incredible brands that are housed within their company. These experts want to make sure that each customer has access to the best tools and the necessary guidance for deciding which precision measurement device to purchase. For Sylvac SA, the sale is just the beginning of the customer relationship. Beyond the sale itself, they work as your partner to problem solve any troubleshooting errors, work to replace or fix damaged tools, and to generally provide individualized attention and quality of service.

As a company, Sylvac SA develops, designs, and manufactures digital instruments and measuring systems intended for industrial use. Working on the cutting-edge of microtechnology is just part of daily life at Sylvac SA. Their incredible staff includes electronics experts, device mechanics, and metrologists making them very well-suited to carry out their mission. Each of the high-precision products made and sold by Sylvac SA is valued for its top-notch quality and high degree of innovation. With pride in their Swiss quality origins, Sylvac SA carries forward their values of tradition, receptiveness, ingenuity, boldness, rigor, and attentiveness with every product they design, sell, and service.

The list of products distributed by Sylvac SA is too long to put here. However, among the tools and devices they have available are cables and software, digital indicators, calipers, micrometers, internal measuring instruments, height gauges, probes, digital display units, measuring benches, optical measurement tools, Bluetooth instruments, and so much more. Additionally, on the Sylvac SA website you will find useful resources and instruction manuals to assist you in your metrology goals. As always, they are also available through their customer service line, and we at Higher Precision are happy to answer any of your Sylvac SA product questions. All Sylvac SA products available in the United States must be purchased through Fowler High Precision distributors such as Higher Precision.

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