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Welcome back to our series highlighting some of our favorite European collaborators in metrology production and distribution. Today we are going to delve into the world of Trimos. Known for their own partnership with the Sylvac company, which we discussed last time, Trimos offers a great deal to the precision measurement industry independently. Say hello to Trimos!

Trimos started as a company in 1972 and has been providing for the measurement industry ever since. Their central goal is to provide high quality solutions for a range of dimensional measurement needs. With the tools designed and built at Trimos, you will find the ideal instrument for any particular task that is guaranteed to complete the task at hand. Using a combination of innovation, advanced design technology, ease of use, and a high degree of precision, each Trimos instrument is built to fulfill its specific purpose. Trimos offers a Swiss-made guarantee on every product they sell, so you know you are getting the best of the best.

Trimos focuses on three segments of dimensional metrology in its product creation and distribution. Those segments include, horizontal measuring instruments, height gauges, and surface analysis instruments. Additionally, Trimos values being able to help its customers solve problems. They provide a number of solutions concerning precision measurement instruments, various accessories, hardware, software, and driver programs. As a company, Trimos is known for going above and beyond just the production and distribution of measurement tools. The expert staff at Trimos is always ready and happy to help you concerning a wide range of related services. These additional services include: technical support, training, after-sales service, instrument repair, instrument upgrades, calibration, customization of both instruments and accessories, application of software and drivers, and personalized maintenance contracts.

Another excellent feature of Trimos is how widely they reach in providing precision measurement services to the world. With more than 40 countries in its distribution network, Trimos offers each of its high-quality products and expert services to people all over. The international network of distributors is available for quality control, calibration, surface analysis, after-sales service, technical support, and training globally. The incredible worldwide partnerships they have include: Dantsin in China, Studenroth Präzisionstechnik GmbH in Germany, Solman Hungary in Hungary, Gruber in Austria, Measure M in South Korea, AMK Toolprom Group in Belarus, Bowers Group in the United Kingdom, Microtech in Ukraine, BRW in Switzerland, Fowler High Precision in the United States, Hi-Tech Metrology in Australia, Issoku in Japan, Metrology in Czech Republic, Andes Meettechniek BV in the Netherlands, MaxValue in Thailand, Oberon in Poland, Primatek in Italia, HTS Verktoy in Norway, Grupo Gemelo in Mexico, Eclipse Tools in North America in Canada, PT. Yakin Maju Sentosa in Indonesia, Analis in Belgium, WT Precision Equipment in Singapore and Malaysia, and KmK Instrument in Sweden.

At the core of Trimos is quality. With quality as the main concern of the company, Trimos has been certified ISO9001 for a number of years and currently strives to offer its customers blue chip products and services. As masters of quality, Trimos prides itself on producing top-notch instruments. From the purchase of your tool through any problems or issues you may have after years of use, Trimos is there for you. We at Higher Precision are excited to call Trimos our collaborator and proud to distribute their products and services.

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