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Fowler now offering Bluetooth Gages

Fowler Precision is now offering Bluetooth gages. That’s right, you heard us, Bluetooth gages. Just when you thought that Fowler precision measurement instruments could not get any better, they did. With Bluetooth technology built into your Fowler gage, your data recording, storing, displaying, and organization will be completely upgraded. Now your gage can communicate with your phone or computer instantaneously. We are going to explain how Bluetooth technology works, and why Fowler Bluetooth gages are going to change the way you measure.

Bluetooth technology allows a grouping of two or more electronic devices to communicate with each other. Completely streamlining the process of communication, Bluetooth technology is both automatic and wireless. Bluetooth communication occurs over low-power radio waves that travel at a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz. The reason Bluetooth is low-power is because the weaker signals prevent interference with other surrounding devices, such as a radio or a garage-door opener. Also because of this level of power, Bluetooth devices need to be within about 10 meters of each other to communicate successfully. However, one of the benefits of this form of communication is that there is no direct line of sight required between the devices, thus serving as a huge advantage over other transmission methods, such as infrared. By using spread-spectrum frequency hopping, Bluetooth technology can connect to up to eight different devices, all within the same area. When one Bluetooth device has begun to communicate with another, a personal-area network (PAN) is formed. A PAN is sometimes called a piconet, and once this relationship is formed, the connected devices hop frequencies in unison in order to remain in operation together. That’s it! Then the devices can communicate instantaneously with each other and send whatever information or data is desired.

Now that Fowler is offering Bluetooth-equipped gages, all of your measurement processes using that gage will be streamlined. Once you have set up your gage to communicate with another device, you can collect and store data as well as manage the device itself. You can connect your Fowler Bluetooth gage to a phone set up with Android or iOS, or you can connect your gage directly to a computer. The Fowler Bluetooth technology is compatible with handheld devices through a free application. When connected to a computer, your Bluetooth gage can either communicate through the Bluetooth function itself or through a USB receiver dongle. Up to eight different devices can connect to any receiver dongle at one time and if more are required multiple dongles may be used. The battery life on each of the Fowler Bluetooth gages is up to one full year, even with ongoing constant use. Furthermore, each of the Fowler Bluetooth gages is marked by a IP67 rating for protection of the digital and Bluetooth technology. This amazing degree of protection would allow you to run the device right under water and have it remain safe. All of the Fowler Bluetooth equipped gages and other precision measurement tools make for a clutter-free workspace and a reliable measurement toolbox.

The Fowler Bluetooth gages can be configured into the Sylcon Software computer program for optimal control. Pairing your Fowler Bluetooth gages with Sylcon allows you to upload, record, and store all of your measurement data rapidly and safely. Sylcon can even be used to adjust the settings on the Bluetooth gage itself, allowing you to have complete control over what and how your gage is measuring or displaying data. Fowler Bluetooth gages are the wave of the future and by getting one today you will take a major step in upgrading your precision measurement capabilities to the next level.

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