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Fowler/Sylvac Ultralight IV Electronic Calipers

Have you ever had to use a 0-60”/1500mm, 0-80”/2000mm or 0-100”/2500mm vernier caliper at work? It’s tough! It is not an easy task trying to balance a gage that is 50-100 pounds with another employee while trying to accurately measure a large part. The employees using the caliper can certainly affect the measurement being taken just by trying to hold the caliper level. Sylvac realized this problem long before competitors did and started constructing “Ultralight” electronic calipers.

Sylvac has created the next generation of their famous Ultralight electronic calipers and have some great new features that customers are going to love. The new Ultralight IV series is a complete new design from the previous Ultralight III generation. The electronics on the Ultralight IV now contain 3 buttons, is IP67 protected, and includes a larger display with built-in Bluetooth communication.

The Fowler/Sylvac Ultralight IV electronic calipers now include an increased jaw length of 7.9”/200mm as well as an increased accuracy. Sylvac is one of those companies who are continues to find ways to improve their current product. The Ultralight IV electronic calipers are even “lighter” than previous generations as the 0-80”/2000mm calipers weighs under 6 pounds.


  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • New reinforced frame
  • XXL display with .79″/20mm high digits
  • Increased accuracy
  • Lengthened jaws 7.9″/200mm
  • New system for internal measurement
  • Protected to IP67
  • Moveable left jaw
  • Stainless steel titanium coated jaws
  • Hold feature
  • Preset function
  • Min/Max functions
  • Tolerance mode
  • Internal and external measurement indicator
  • New twin guided main beam

Fowler/Sylvac Ultralight IV Electronic Calipers:

  • 54-110-512 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-15″/400mm
    • Accuracy: .0012″/.030mm
    • Weight: 3.3lbs
  • 54-110-524 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-24″/600mm
    • Accuracy: .0016″/.040mm
    • Weight: 3.53lbs
  • 54-110-540 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-40″/1000mm
    • Accuracy: .002″/.050mm
    • Weight: 4.2lbs
  • 54-110-560 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-60″/1500mm
    • Accuracy: .0035″/.090mm
    • Weight: 5.1lbs
  • 54-110-580 Ultralight IV Electronic Caliper: 0-80″/2000mm
    • Accuracy: .0048″/.120mm
    • Weight: 5.73lbs

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