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In The Beginning…… There Was a Micrometer

Mitutoyo is a Japanese manufacturing corporation specializing in the production of high-quality precision measuring tools. As leaders in the field of dimensional measurement instruments, the Mitutoyo name alone is considered an industry leader for the state of the art technology it consistently produces.

Big things typically begin with small beginnings. This is no different for Mitutoyo. Established in 1934, Mitutoyo founder Yehan Numata began manufacturing only micrometers. The business plan was to manufacture high-quality micrometers that were affordable for consumers.

As technology increased, Mitutoyo adapted to the times. Initially this meant manufacturing other necessary measuring tools. As the resources of technology changed, so did the precision measurement industry. The 1970’s brought a boom in the advent of electronic technology. This meant big changes were in store for the entire industry. This meant the development of electronic and digital tools.

The 1990’s brought to the forefront the emergence of the internet and high-powered computers and software. For the precision measurement tool industry, this meant more changes in the development of new tools. This meant development and manufacturing of more complex and highly-accurate measuring instruments.

Mitutoyo continues to provide excellent products to their most loyal customers. If you are interested in great Mitutoyo products or any other great precision measuring tool visit HigherPrecision.com for all your precision measurement tool needs!

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