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Introducing the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit

What is the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit?

Mitutoyo is a brand that we have known and loved for years. Always at the cutting edge of the field of metrology, Mitutoyo seems to put out fantastic product after fantastic product. Today we are going to highlight the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit, powered by U-Wave technology. Get ready to streamline your measurement process.

The Mitutoyo U-Wave System

The U-Wave System designed and produced by Mitutoyo is a wireless data communication system that simplifies the entire measurement process. Allowing for direct communication from a measurement device to a computer, the U-Wave System eliminates the need for wires, cables, or manual input of measurement data. The U-Wave system collects any measurement data speedily and with high accuracy, then immediately transfers it to a recording system on a computer, thus allowing for swift and precise measurement recording.

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is the newer wireless data transmitter designed to be used with any of the hand-held devices made by Mitutoyo. Built almost identically to the original U-Wave T model, the U-Wave Fit is smaller in design, more portable, and therefore ideal for pairing with any of the Mitutoyo measurement devices. Each U-Wave Fit is capable of transmitting data within 20 meters, carries 2.4GHz data transmission capability, uses minimal power consumption levels, and enables immediate data export to Microsoft Excel, Notepad, or other commercial software programs. The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit increases efficiency, eliminates data input errors, and is incredibly simple to use.

What are the advantages of using the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit?

Higher efficiency

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit allows data to be transmitted and saved with the ease of a single button. This can completely eliminate the risk of data input errors, while greatly improving the efficiency of the entire measurement process. Without the normally required wires, the operator is free to move about more easily. Single-button operation ensures that data is directly and accurately input into the recording software. Additionally, when the data is successfully received, there is an LED light that turns green or a buzzer that sounds twice to notify the operator. If the data transmission has failed, the LED light turns red or the buzzer sounds once. The wireless communication of the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is incredibly stable and reliable, and can reach up to about 20 meters which is the line of sight. Built to be both water and dust resilience, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can withstand use for a long time.

Centralized data management

All data collected from measurement tools while utilizing the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can be managed centrally. The data is directly entered into an Excel spreadsheet or similar programming interface, and the data from across different measurement processes can be stored and managed in one place. Incredibly, up to 15 different receiving units can be connected to a computer and up to 100 tools can be registered to each unit. The USB-ITPAK V2.1 system works to track all the simultaneous data using unique data identifications.

Cost reduction effect

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit reduces the overall cost through its innovative system configuration. One cost-effective feature of the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is that the transmitter can be reconnected to any other measurement tool. This way, if one tool is damaged, you can continue to take measurements using another tool without having to replace the transmitter. As long as your tool is built with Digimatic functionality, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can be connected to your existing toolset. This means that you do not have to break the bank buying new compatible devices. Finally, just one of the CR2032 lithium batteries for the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can power approximately 400,000 data transmissions.

What measurement issues are solved by the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit?

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit solves problems

Numerous common measurement issues are totally solved when using the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit. For example, data input is usually inefficient and inaccurate when done manually. With the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit all collected data is immediately transmitted to your storage program, eliminating manual data input entirely along with the associated problems. Additionally, while wireless data transmission is obviously desirable, the initial cost of a well-designed system is often not justified. The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit does not come with this initial high cost because it is designed to connect to the tools that you already have, thus eliminating the risk of the initial investment. Finally, when multiple operators are involved, the pass/fail judgements involved in data collections can take a long time. When using the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit, this problem disappears since up to 100 different gages can be registered to one receiver at any time, allowing data to be entered quickly, automatically, and separately simplifying all pass/fail measurement judgements.

Standard sequential measurement input

Measurement data is automatically entered into your data input software when using USB-ITPAK V2.1, thus eliminating the problem of recording multiple measurements from multiple points across a mass-produced product. You can use different tools across different measurement points and the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can handle combining all relevant data. You can complete your measurements in order and set the sequential measurement input order in your recording software. Just measure two points for a set of workpieces, measure the final point for the set, and complete a visual check. This allows for flawless standard sequential measurement input.

Data input by multiple operators

When multiple operators are collecting data at the same time, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can account for this situation and input the measurements from each operator into designated cells in the recording software. For each of up to 100 different measurement tools that can be registered at one time, a designated sheet of data can exist. Thus, all data from operator 1 is designated appropriately into sheet 1, sorting the collected measurements by operator when multiple tools are in use simultaneously. No macro programing is required.

Batch measurement using timer

When using batch timer input on the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit, you can measure displacement across multiple Digimatic gages, automatically obtaining required data at predetermined time intervals. You can specify the particular interval you want for measuring the displacement of a workpiece. In this way you can collect all the batch data you are looking for at once. Using a foot switch operation, global data can be collected at requested intervals set by specific seconds, minutes, and hours. Timed batch measurement has never been easier than it is with the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit.

What features does the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit have?

The configuration of the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit comes equipped with a receiver, a transmitter, and a Digimatic gage. Of course, a major benefit of the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is its compatibility with any gage built with Digimatic capabilities, should you already have one. The receiver is what actually receives the measurements and stores the data to the computer through a USB port. The U-Wavepak software comes with the necessary identification as well as frequency, and all data load functionality automatically comes as an accessory. Depending on the type of U-Wave tool you have, there are different levels of compatibility. The U-Wave-TM/TC can be paired with most micrometers and calipers, as long as they have the Digimatic functionality. U-Wave-T can be paired with all measurement tools that come with the Digimatic function.

The MeasurLink system

MeasurLink is the measurement data network system that pairs with the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit. This platform comes with IoT of quality control and allows for data collection from the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit in real-rime. This system provides global control and analysis while preventing defectives, diagnosing through data analysis, and while achieving IoT. MeasurLink collects data and then performs statistical process control as a means of noticing and alerting the operator about defective generation. Random data analysis checks through MeasurLink also help identify and fix process performance issues. The MeasurLink system comes with MeasurLink Real-Time, MeasurLink Process Manager, MeasurLink Process Analyzer, MeasurLink Gage Management, and MeasurLink Gage R&R.



The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is the ultimate data communication system and is precisely defined to be applied to tools you already own of any size. From the measurement data collection itself to the organized recording of accurate computerized data, this amazing device is a must-have. For bigger measurement demands of multiple tools and multiple operators, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit streamlines, organized, and improves measurement data transmission.

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What is the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit and how does it work?

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is a compact, thinly-designed, wireless communication device. Built as a smaller version of the Mitutoyo U-Wave-T, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit provides an adaptable version for smaller, hand-held tools. Simply attach the tool to the back of any device with Digimatic functionality, connect the receiver USB to a computer, set up the program, and start measuring. The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit software has the capability to link to up to 15 units, each of which can connect to 100 measurement devices. This amazing feat is centrally managed by creating organized data spreadsheets containing simultaneously collected measurement data.

What advantages does the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit come with compared to other tools?

The three major advantages of the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit are a reduction in cost, centralized management of data, and an overall improvement in efficiency. While initiation of wireless data transfer can be complicated, this instrument can be added to any Digimatic device, reducing initial cost of implementation. Additionally, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is able to be added to tools you likely already have since it is compatible with all Mitutoyo tools with Digimatic functionality. Both initial and running costs are reduced with this system configuration. All measurement data collected using the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is transmitted, organized, and stored in a central computerized location. The program software automatically uses visualization techniques and data analysis to maintain quality and prevent defective product generation. Finally, the streamlined system of which the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is a part makes all of your measurement operations significantly more efficient.

What are some common problems that are resolved when using the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit?

When conducting measurements on a daily basis, you often encounter a number of typical problems. You may still be manually inputting data which runs the risk of error and inefficiency. You may want to switch to wireless data loading, but are not prepared to invest the high initial cost. You may have multiple operators simultaneously using gages leading to an increase in time for pass/fail judgement of data collection. The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit has a solution to each of these. The U-Wave Fit automatically transfers your measurements into your computer software, eliminating the risk of entering incorrect data and increasing your efficiency. This incredible tool also does not have the typical initial investment of switching to wireless data transmission because you can add it to tools you are already using. Amazingly, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can have up to 100 gages registered at one time, while still maintaining complete organization in data storage and easily performing all pass/fail judgements. Say goodbye to your metrology problems by getting the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit.



MeasurLink is the quality management platform linked with the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit. By providing real-time data collection, MeasurLink creates a network among Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit devices, globalizes control, and centralizes analysis. MeasurLink uses statistical process control software to collect data from a number of tools while statistically processing the data through histograms, charts, and indexes. The centralized monitoring of MeasurLink enables consistent management of data and confirmation of accuracy. Regularly performed analyses and calibrations ensure that data defectives are prevented through ongoing diagnosis.

Dial caliper gage
A dial caliper gage is a particular design of caliper gage that must be operated manually. The measurement from a dial caliper gage must be read and interpreted by the operator and requires practice and experience. Dial caliper gages are great for making both direct and comparative measurements. Typically, the jaws of a dial caliper gage can slide past each other which allows for very small or narrow measurement dimensions.
Mitutoyo U-Wave System

The Mitutoyo U-Wave System is a wireless data communication platform that simplifies the collection, transmission, and storage of measurement data. With improved efficiency, the U-Wave System does not rely on burdensome cables or unreliable manual data input. Collecting measurement data from across numerous instruments, while simultaneously and seamlessly sending them to your computer is made possible by the Mitutoyo U-Wave System.

Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit

The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is a wireless data transmission tool that is built to fit on the back of any Mitutoyo measuring instrument. A smaller version of the Mitutoyo U-Wave-T, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can be attached to hand-held devices easily without disrupting the ergonomic feel of the tool. This instrument can transmit measurement data across a 20-meter range, relay information directly into a software application, consumes low amounts of power, and comes with 2.4GHz of wireless. The success or failure of transmitted data is signaled using an LED light or buzzer, and the IP76 transmitter is coolant-, water-, and dust-proof ensuring the secure communication of your measurement data. The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is highly efficient, allows for centralized data management across multiple devices, and results in cost reduction.

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