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Mfg4 Follow-Up

Tuesday, May 6th was a unique day for me to say the least! In my last published blog, I detailed my excitement and anticipation in regards to attending my first precision measurement trade show known as Mfg4. Well fast forward a couple of weeks and I would like to take the opportunity to just quickly share my thoughts on the event as a whole.

Mfg4 was held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Harford, Connecticut. As I entered the complex, I really had no idea what expect as I made my way through the entrance lobby. After receiving my unique identification badge detailing my credentials, I headed into the showroom floor with the HigherPrecision.com team. The next step was to walk the showroom floor to network and ultimately absorb as much as possible as we made our way through the event.

While the event showcased emerging technologies pertaining to the aerospace, defense and medical industries, networking with manufacturers and distributors was our main objective. There were several vendors at the show that HigherPrecision.com works with on a daily basis. The Mfg4 show gave us the opportunity to have valuable face-to-face interactions with these vendors (Fowler, Mitutoyo, Dorsey, Brown & Sharpe, and Starrett to name a few). This is valuable as it improves business relationships and can also “plant the seeds” for future business relationships. Simple phone interactions can be great, however as I am learning in the business world, face-to-face meetings can take the business relationship to the next level.

Beyond the networking aspect of the show I saw many other interesting exhibits that certainly caught my eye. Always fascinated by emerging technologies I observed a vendor specializing in 3-D printing and another vendor specializing in water-jet cutting. These technologies are on the cutting-edge of what mankind is capable of creating which I find absolutely captivating.

In closing, I would like thank the Society of Manufacturing Engineers for putting on such an inspiring trade show! I plan on attending the Eastec show in Springfield, MA next year and look forward to returning to MFG4 in 2016.

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