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Spring is in the air! Leaves on trees are turning green, flowers are blooming and Red Sox baseball is in full swing (pardon the pun). While many people take full advantage of spring weather to get outside and put many months’ worth of Northeast winter misery behind them, another annual event will be taking place. Unlike spring and the excitement of being outside soaking in the warm sun rays, many individuals will be eager to flock inside for this particular annual event.

May 6th through the 8th will mark the second annual Mfg4 trade show held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Harford, Connecticut. While this will be the second trade show of its kind produced by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) held at the Connecticut Convention Center, this will be my first experience attending such a trade show.

The Mfg4 trade show is a forum to exhibit the growing needs of industries including but not limited to aerospace, defense and medical. This trade show was developed by industry professionals as a means to showcase industry solutions as well as cross-collaboration. This trade show will also be a great opportunity to capitalize on networking. Suppliers will have the chance to meet on a personal level with buyers and other prospective business partners. This annual social gathering is an excellent forum to maintain, strengthen and establish new long-term business relationships.

Working for a precision measurement tool vendor (HigherPrecision.com), I look forward to this opportunity to step through the proverbial computer screen to interact and absorb knowledge from industry experts. Additionally, I look forward to the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of the very same types of precision measurement tools sold on www.HigherPrecision.com.

I look forward to my first trade show pertaining to the metalworking and manufacturing industries. If you will also be attending, feel free to touch base with me via email: matthew@higherprecision.com.

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