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Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest Sale!

When the terms “Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest” and “Sale” are used in the same context, you will most likely get the attention of any machinist. Mitutoyo’s Digimatic Holtest have been known as the “Cadillac” of electronic internal micrometers for over a decade and for good reason too! The Digimatic Holtests have easy-to-use electronics, are accurate, repeatable, and are typically the first internal electronic micrometer that comes to mind for most of us in the manufacturing industry.


  • Large LCD readout allows for easy dimensions reading
  • Ratchet Stop for constant force ensures great repeatability
  • Resolution: .00005″/.001mm (over 4″/100mm models: .0001″/.001mm)
  • Tin-coated contacts – great for durability
  • Meausuring contacts are close to “blind” on sizes 4″ and below
  • Functions: Preset, Zero/ABS, Auto power On/Off, Data hold, Data output, Error alarm, Battery replacement alarm
  • Optional extension are available for measururing deeper into bores
  • Setting rings for origin point setting are optional in individual gages

As of September 1, 2015, the Digimatic Holtest sets will be on sale in the Mitutoyo Fall Promo 2015 until December 11, 2015. These Mitutoyo bore gages cover a range of .275-12.00”/6.985-304.8mm and are available as individual gages or large capacity sets. Setting rings are not included with the individual Digimatic Holtests and must be purchased separately.

Individual Sets:

  • 468-261 has a range of .275-.350″/6.985-8.89mm
  • 468-262 has a range of .350-.425″/8.89-10.795mm
  • 468-263 has a range of .425-.5″/10.795-12.7mm
  • 468-264 has a range of .50-.65″/12.7-16.51mm
  • 468-265 has a range of .65-.80″/16.51-20.32mm
  • 468-266 has a range of .8-1.0″/20.32-25.4mm
  • 468-267 has a range of 1.0-1.2″/25.4-30.48mm
  • 468-268 has a range of 1.2-1.6″/30.48-40.64mm
  • 468-269 has a range of 1.6-2.0″/40.64-50.8mm
  • 468-270 has a range of 2.0-2.5″/50.8-63.5mm
  • 468-271 has a range of 2.5-3.0″/63.5-76.2mm
  • 468-272 has a range of 3.0-3.5″/76.2-88.9mm
  • 468-273 has a range of 3.5-4.0″/88.9-101.6mm
  • 468-274 has a range of 4-5″/101.6-127mm
  • 468-275 has a range of 5-6”/127-152.4mm
  • 468-276 has a range of 6-7”/152.4-177.8mm
  • 468-277 has a range of 7-8”/177.8-203.2mm
  • 468-278 has a range of 8-9”/203.2-228.6mm
  • 468-279 has a range of 9-10”/228.6-254mm
  • 468-280 has a range of 10-11”/254-279.4mm
  • 468-281 has a range of 11-12”/279.4-304.8mm

Large Capacity – Interchangeable Head Sets:

  • 468-976 has a range of .275-.500”/6.925-12.7mm
  • 468-977 has a range of .500-.800”/12.7-20.32mm
  • 468-978 has a range of .800-2.0”/20.32-50.8mm
  • 468-979 has a range of 2-4”/50.8-101.6mm
  • 468-980 has a range of 4-8”/101.2-203.2mm

Large Capacity – Complete Unit Sets:

  • 468-986 has a range of .275-.500”6.925-12.7mm
  • 468-987 has a range of .500-1”/12.7-25.4mm
  • 468-988 has a range of 1-2”/25.4-50.8mm
  • 468-989 has a range of 2-3”/50.8-76.2mm
  • 468-990 has a range of 3-4”/76.2-101.6mm

If you have any questions about the Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest gages, please contact our inside sales department and we would be happy to assist you.

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