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Mitutoyo Fall Promo 2016 Top 10 Highlights

The Mitutoyo Fall Promo 2016 was introduced on September 6th and has some unbelievable deals available until December 16, 2016. The new Mitutoyo Fall Promo 2016 is packed with their Coolant Proof IP65 and IP67 electronic precision tools. Many of Mitutoyo’s electronic specialty micrometers are on sale such as the IP65 spline micrometers, IP65 point micrometers, IP65 spherical face micrometers and IP65 micrometers. The Fall Promo 2016 also includes Mitutoyo’s popular dial calipers, electronic calipers, height gages, electronic indicators, Digimatic Holtest Internal Micrometers as well as Digimation Holtest large capacity sets. The Mitutoyo Fall Promo 2016 is loaded with savings on some of Mitutoyo’s most popular precision measurement tools.

Mitutoyo Fall Promo 2016 Top 10 Highlights:

  1. Digimatic Holtest Individual Gages
  2. Digimatic Holtest Sets (Interchangeable and Complete Unit Sets)
  3. MDH High-Accuracy Sub-Micron Digimatic Micrometers
  4. IP65 Spherical Face Electronic Micrometers
  5. QuickMike Electronic Micrometers
  6. 543-312B ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C for Bore Gages
  7. Digimatic Calipers with Nib-Style and Standard Jaws
  8. Digimatic Indicators ID-C
  9. IP67 Electronic Point Calipers
  10. Digimatic Height Gages (Multi-Function Type)

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