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Mitutoyo Laser Micrometers – How They Work and Why You Need One

Mitutoyo laser micrometers seem to be on everyone’s mind. Why might this be? Well, these amazing tools truly are a one-of-a-kind device in the field of metrology. Unmatched by any other, the Mitutoyo laser micrometers are efficient, fast, and precise. At Higher Precision, we offer an all-inclusive selection of Mitutoyo laser micrometers and the associated accessories. Keep reading to find out how these incredible tools work and what makes them so special.

The measuring system built into each Mitutoyo laser micrometer is non-contact and high accuracy. The central mechanism of these devices is the laser that is produced by the machine. When the laser scan within the micrometer shoots out a beam of light, it scans at an incredible rate of about 3200 times per second. The part that you need to measure is placed centrally within the produced beam. What the Mitutoyo laser micrometer then does is to measure the outer diameter of the beam which is interrupting the stream of the laser. This process is referred to as diameter measurement. An alternative form of measurement is called interval measurement. This takes places when two different parts or objects are placed in the beam of the laser. The micrometer then measures the distance between the two parts. Finally, the Mitutoyo laser micrometer can also measure the distance between the two furthest points of the two parts. This amazing versatility allows the metrologist to accomplish a number of different and useful measurements when utilizing a Mitutoyo laser micrometer.

These laser micrometers are ideal for fast, repeatable, and accurate measurement needs. The Mitutoyo laser micrometers come in a number of different models depending on your specific needs. The all-in-one benchtop model is built with both a laser scanning head and a digital output display. The measuring range of the laser on this model is 2.36 inches. The measuring heads themselves come in a range of sizes so that you can easily customize your workspace. The 500S model is designed to measure small items, ranging from 0.0002 to 0.08 inches. The 516S model is designed to measure larger items, ranging from 0.04 up to 6.30 inches. The central piece of the Mitutoyo laser micrometer is the LSM 6200 Digital Display. Every model of these micrometers connects to this display device. Matching the top quality of the micrometers themselves, this measurement display is versatile without sacrificing power. The LSM 6200 Digital Display can interface with two measuring heads and has an SPC output. Additionally, the display machine itself is capable of performing statistical calculations, streamlining your measurement process.

The Mitutoyo laser micrometers are made to measure a number of different items, parts, and dimensions. Some examples of what these tools are capable of include inline measurement of glass fiber, roundness and outer diameters of cylinders, fine wire diameter, thickness of film or sheet, X and Y axis of electric fibers or cables, laser and magnetic disk head movement, spacing of IC chip leads, tape width, gaps between rollers, and the outer diameter of optical connectors. The Mitutyo laser micrometers are unbeatable with a high scan rate, high accuracy, and a non-contact measuring system. These micrometers are excellent for small or fragile work pieces, and can even make measurements at high temperatures, as well as while in motion or vibrating. Get in touch with us at Higher Precision for more information about these must-have precision measurement devices.

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