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New Brown and Sharpe Height Gages

Simply put, a height gage is just what it sounds like—a measurement tool that gages the height of an object or marks a particular height on an object. When working in precision measurement, you will definitely encounter height gages on a regular basis. In fact, when in the field of metrology, height gages are likely to play a pivotal role in measurement each and every day.

The basic structure of a height gage includes several main parts. The base and the beam create the general build, with the beam extending perpendicular to the base. On the beam itself the scale is depicted, which is used as the measurement system. A main component of a height gage is the slider. The slider is the physical piece that moves up and down the beam in order to complete a measurement. On the slider, you will find the clamp, clamping screw, adjustment screw, measuring jaw, and of course, the scriber. The intricate design of these parts will vary gage to gage, but each one plays an important role in precision measurement.

Similarly to most precision measurement tools, height gages have advanced over time from an original mechanical build to a more modern electronic, or digital, build. Depending on the requirements you are looking for, all types of height gage designs are used today. With that said, we would like to introduce you all to a particular brand of height gage that stands out from the rest. The newly introduced Brown & Sharpe height gages are an essential advancement in the field of metrology.

The innovative TESA Micro-Hite height gage, designed and created by Brown & Sharpe, is a one-of-kind tool. These height gages are built to address all of the necessities of precision measurement in the modern era. In either a manual or motorized design, the TESA Micro-Hite height gages come in 3 different multifunctional sizes. The specialized features included with these height gages make them unlike any other measurement experience you will have.

QUICKCENTER technology effectively assesses minimum, maximum, and diameter to report accurate culmination points. The keyboard panel is backlit and very straightforward to use. Additionally, the keyboard panel is a hybrid, allowing for any combination of touch use or keyboard use. The entirety of each height gage is made with ergonomic principles in mind, creating an experience of comfort that is unmatched. The FEEL&MOVE technology in the hand-wheel speeds up use and increases precision when completing a measurement. Additionally, the battery running the gage is easily removed and recharged. Most important, the user interface and measurement technology in the TESA Micro-Hite height gage is easy to set up and customize. With sequential measurement capabilities, acceptance or rejection limits, and specialized measurement advancements (such as angle, squareness deviation, or 2D measurement), you will see why these height gages are way ahead of the competition.

At the center of all products made by TESA and Brown & Sharpe you will find strong and unbeatable quality. Each and every height gage they make comes with a Swiss Calibration Service (SCS) certification of measurement. Set to the ISO 13225 standard of calibration, these height gages are manufactured using the best industry-approved materials, like spherical cast-iron, and are deemed to withstand consistent every-day use. All bases are of monobloc design, and the display reads only the accurate measurement you are looking for as opposed to just any positional reading of the probe. Finally, the highly refined interface provided on every Brown & Sharpe height gage is developed to be ergonomic, user-friendly, simple to use.

The TESA Micro-Hite height gages by Brown & Sharpe are simply the best in precision measurement. Whether you are working in the automobile, moulds and tooling, medical, or plasturgy industry, look no further and try out the TESA Micro-Hite height gages by Brown & Sharpe today.

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