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PJ-Plus Profile Projector and 2D Processor Packages

Good morning fans of the profile projector! We have exciting news about the new PJ-Plus Profile Projector product and all that comes with it. For those who may not already be familiar with the profile projector, sometimes called an optical comparator, it is a precisions measurement tool that uses the principles of optical physics to magnify a part when completing an inspection or measurement process. When working with otherwise tough to measure small parts or objects, the profile projector is the perfect workshop companion. The PJ-Plus Profile Projector really takes the optical measurement game to the next level.

What the PJ-Plus Profile Projector Can Do

The PJ-Plus Profile Projectors made by Mitutoyo is a new series of optical comparators that have changed the way in which the magnification process is lighted. With the replacement of standard horizontal or vertical halogen bulb with LED lighting, the PJ-Plus Profile Projector can do more with less. The PJ-Plus Profile Projector can handle tough measurement situations better than the profile projectors that came before it, such as processing or manufacturing lines. This capability allows the PJ-Plus Profile Projector to take stable measurements and make reliable inspections of dimension and angle without concern for the environment impacting precision. Let’s get to know the PJ-Plus Profile Projector in a bit more detail.

New Features of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector

The unique features of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector include the LED lighted illumination, use of stepless adjustment of illumination, and a digital XY counter that is built right into the device. Each of these features comes with benefits and can help you to take even more precise and accurate measurements when magnifying parts.

LED Illumination

The most exciting new feature of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector is its use of LED illumination. Replacement of the older halogen illumination system with LED illumination totally gets rid of any need for a cooling fan within the main unit of the profile projector. Without the need for the cooling fan, the PJ-Plus Profile Projector has a significantly lower amount of oil, mist, dust and other air contaminants entering into the instrument during the process of measurement. This projects the part you are measuring as well as the accuracy of the measurement. Additionally, LED lights provide additional benefits to the PJ-Plus Profile Projector including: longer light life due to slower burnout, decreased consumption of power of about 85%, lower change of oil adhesion to the internal parts, prevention of illumination decline, protection of measurement accuracy in harsher environments, more infrequent maintenance needs and costs, greater consistency in color replication and on-screen imaging, and minimal color change during illumination intensity adjustment.

Stepless Illumination Adjustment

Most optical comparators come with a 2-step illumination adjustment system that is used when adjusting the lighting to the texture or color of the part surface. The PJ-Plus Profile Projector solves this problem using a stepless illumination adjustment control system. The use of LEDs creates less variation in the color temperature and increases the sharpness of the projected images. These qualities make the measurement process more efficient and the eventual measurement more precise.

Built-in Digital XY Counter

Every PJ-Plus Profile Projector has a digital XY counter built into the machine and displayed right on the front. The XY counter is easy to read thanks to the high-intensity LED lighting used to display large characters. These features really increase the use of the XY counter readout in workplace environments where visibility may be a concern. Providing improved ergonomic design, the PJ-Plus Profile Projector eliminates the need for an auxiliary DRO. With a highly dynamic RS-232C interface for readout, data readings are faster and more accessible with the digital XY counter on the PJ-Plus Profile Projector.

Common Accessories of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector

The PJ-Plus Profile Projector is an incredible tool all on its own. However, if you are interested in taking your measurements to the next level, there are a number of excellent accessories that you can choose from to enhance these optical comparators.

M2 2D Processor

The optional M2 2D processor is a great way to upgrade the already improved PJ-Plus Profile Projector. The graphics-based part view constructions create more popular construction types within the graphical part view, helping you to easily complete measurements using distances and tangent lines automatically. The geometric tolerancing allows for simple accessibility of tolerances, deviation results, setting nominal, and other measurement features. Finally, the M2 2D processor increases what you can do with report customization by providing numerous formatting options.

QM-Data or Optoeye

The optional QM-Data200 is a 2d data processing unit that comes in both a stand mount and an arm mount design. The Opteye is a unique edge detection system that pairs with the QM-Data200 as an attachment.

Ring Light

The optional ring light that can be added to your PJ-Plus Profile Projector allows for 10x and 20x objectives. When completing a 20x objective, you will need the dampening ring. The ring light for the PJ-Plus Profile Projector is a brand new feature built to accommodate this particular series of tools.


You must check out the new PJ-Plus Profile Projector! This upgraded optical comparator will change the way you take measurements of small parts. By swapping out halogen illumination systems for LED illumination the PJ-Plus Profile Projector reinvents the whole tool by eliminating the need for other parts, increasing ease of part inspection and measurement, and allowing your tool to last longer. Talk to someone today at Higher Precision about how the PJ-Plus Profile Projector can help you.


Available Models:

302-801-10 PJ-Plus Profile Projector 4” x 4” Stage

302-802-10 PJ-Plus Profile Projector 8” x 4” Stage

PJ-Plus with M2 D2 Processor Package:

302-801-10PKA1 PJ-Plus Profile Projector w/ Edge Detection: 4” x 4”

302-802-10PKA1 PJ-Plus Profile Projector w/ Edge Detection: 8” x 4”

302-801-10PKA2 PJ-Plus Profile Projector w/o Edge Detection: 4” x 4”

302-802-10PKA2 PJ-Plus Profile Projector w/o Edge Detection: 8” x 4”


What is the PJ-Plus Profile Projector?

The PJ-Plus Profile Projector is a newly designed tool from Mitutoyo that has upgraded the way that optical comparators work. By using LED lighting to illuminate the magnification of small parts instead of the standard halogen bulb, the PJ-Plus Profile Projector totally changes the way these machines work. Now, the PJ-Plus Profile Projector can handle difficult measurement and inspection circumstances, resulting in higher precision. Making stable inspections and measurements of dimension and angle have never been easier no matter what the environment. The PJ-Plus Profile Projector has improved durability, intuitive operation, stepless illumination adjustment, and a digital XY counter.

What are the features of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector?

The main features of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector include the LED illumination system, stepless illumination adjustment, and a built-in digital XY counter. Possibly the best feature of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector is the brand new LED illumination method. By replacing the older halogen bulb lighting system with LED illumination negates the need for the internal cooling fan. Without the cooling fan, the PJ-Plus Profile Projector does not let in as much oil, mist, dust, and other contaminants which makes the tool perfect across normally challenging measurement environments. The stepless illumination adjustments of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector replaces the older 2-step illumination adjustment, which reduces the variation that occurs in color temperature and improves the sharpness of resulting images. Finally, the built-in digital XY counter uses easy-to-read characters to improve the speed and accessibility of the digital readout. Because of the XY counter, the PJ-Plus Profile Projector does not require an auxiliary DRO.

Are there any accessories that come with the PJ-Plus Profile Projector?

The PJ-Plus Profile Projector comes with a number of optional accessories that can improve an already fantastic machine including an M2 2D processor, QM-Data or Optoeye, and a ring light. The M2 2D processor is a graphics-based part viewing system that can complete measurements automatically using distances and tangent lines. Tolerances, setting nominal, and deviation results are incredibly straightforward with the geometric tolerancing. The M2 2D processor is also customizable with various helpful formatting options. Optoeye is an edge detecting system used in tandem with the QM-Data 200 processing unit. Finally, the optional ring light is useful when completing assessments with 10x or 20x objectives. You can pick and choose any or all of these excellent accessories for the PJ-Plus Profile Projector.


Profile Projector

A profile projector, sometimes called an optical comparator, is a precision measurement tool that uses optical physics to magnify small and tough to measure parts. Often used for part inspection, the profile projector uses a lighting system to project a small part in an enlarged version that is easier to inspect and measure.

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