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Product Highlights: Quadra Test Indicators

Just what is an indicator in the precision measurement world? Well, indicators are used to magnify minute distances and angles using amplification in order to make the distance easier to measure. In the machining, fabrication, and manufacturing industries, indicators are indispensible when it comes to pivotal and nuanced measurement of intricate processes such as tolerance or deflection. The earliest version of the indicator used a dial or clock face to display the measurement. Today, the digital test indicator reins supreme in terms of accuracy as well as other technological advances.

Digital test indicators often record specific measurements and then transmit them directly to a computer. This both saves time and protects numbers from human error. By speeding up the process of measurement, the digital test indicator increases productivity. Additionally, these handy little precision measurement tools can switch between inch and metric units simplifying the need for other conversion methods. While there are many digital test indicators available, we would like to highlight one for you in particular. The best in its field, the Fowler QuadraTest Indicator does the job like no other.

The Fowler QuadraTest Indicator is multi-modal, allowing for Min, Max, TIR and direct forms of measurement. Testing indicating applications will never be the same once you try out this amazing tool. The RS-232 interface on the QuadraTest is oil, water, and coolant resistant, protecting you, your job, and your tools. In fact, this level of resistance remains within the bounds of IP65 compliancy, whether you have the interface cable installed or not. The conversion feature built into the Fowler QuadraTest proves itself flawless time and time again. No more wasting time converting inches to mililmeters and millimeters to inches.

The 1.5” face of the QuadraTest is capable of a complete 360-degree rotation, not to mention a display that shows your precise measurement in either numerical digital display or as an analog bar graph. The QuadraTest Indicator includes a fitted case, an instruction manual, and a full 5-year warrantee with every purchase. A few other features of this Fowler product include, dovetail stems, a contact point wrench, 1 half-inch contact point, 3 dovetail locations, a pivoting contact, as well as automatic forward and reverse reading capability. There are no reasons to look past the Fowler QuadraTest Indicator. Call us at Higher Precision today to hear more!

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