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Product Review: Ultra Cal V Electronic Calipers

Fowler High Precision and Sylvac introduced the Ultra Cal V Series of electronic calipers to the US market in 2013 and they have been flying off the shelves ever since. The Ultra Cal V includes many new features that were not included on previous generations of the Ultra Cal II, Ultra Cal III, and Ultra Cal IV electronic calipers. Most importantly, the Ultra Cal V is now being sold with a “Lifetime Warranty”, which is an industry first and one of the main reasons why this electronic caliper is becoming so popular.

The Ultra Cal V electronic calipers are IP-67 protected. IP stands for the “Ingress Protection Rating” or “International Protection Rating”. The higher the IP rating, the more of a harsh environment the gage can be used in. The 6 stands for “dust tight” and the 7 stands for “protected against the immersion of water for depths up to 1 meter”. We do not recommend soaking this caliper to test the IP67 rating but if water or coolant gets into the electronics, there should not cause any issues.

Sylvac, who manufactures the Ultra Cal V calipers for Fowler High Precision included a smart induction sensor in this generation of the Ultra Cal. These calipers are great for data collection and can easily be hooked up to a laptop or P.C. with either a USB or serial output cable. Wireless data transmission is also available for the Ultra Cal V for those customers who do not want to deal with cables.

The Ultra Cal V electronic caliper is offered in three different ranges:

  • 54-100-067-1 is available for $189.00 and has a range of 0-6”/150mm
  • 54-100-068-1 is available for $463.00 and has a range of 0-8”/200mm
  • 54-100-069-1 is available for $659.00 and has a range of 0-12”/300mm

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