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Rapid-Mic Electronic Micrometers – Lifetime Warranty

The Fowler/Sylvac Rapid-Mic has been available in the US for a few years now but is just starting to gain popularity among users. The Rapid-Mic, also known as a “Quick Mic”, has a quick displacement of the measuring spindle which allows users to take many more measurements in a shorter period of time. If your company is constantly using micrometers throughout the day to measure parts, you will be amazed on how much time you could save using the Fowler/Sylvac Rapid-Mic micrometers.

The Fowler/Sylvac Rapid-Mic has extended range compared to most micrometers and only requires three micrometer to cover a 0-4”/102mm range. As of the summer of 2015, the Rapid-Mic is now being offered with Bluetooth for those customer serious about data communication. Sylvac makes some of the best electronics you will find on the market today and are ideal for companies who require SPC output. IP67 protected, adjustable measuring force and LIFETIME WARRANTY are just a few of the features that make the Rapid-Mic stand out.


  • IP-67 Protected against water, oil, coolant and fluid
  • SPC – Direct RS-232 output
  • Non-rotating spindle
  • Position recall
  • Rapid-movement for faster opening and closing
  • Smart inductive sensor
  • Adjustable measuring force of 5N/10N
  • Spring loaded thimble ensures the best repeatability
  • 2-year battery life
  • Special anvils available upon request

Rapid-Mic Individual Micrometers:

  • 54-815-030 Rapid-Mic Electronic Micrometer: 0-1.2″/0-30mm
  • 54-815-060 Rapid-Mic Electronic Micrometer: 1.2-2.6″/30-66mm
  • 54-815-100 Rapid-Mic Electronic Micrometer: 2.6-4.0″/66-102mm

Rapid-Mic Micrometer Sets:

  • 54-815-111 Rapid-Mic Electronic Micrometer Set: 0-4″/102mm

Rapid-Mic Bluetooth Micrometers:

  • 54-815-130 Rapid-Mic Electronic Bluetooth Micrometer: 0-1.2″/30mm

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