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The latest in Mitutoyo microscopes

As most of you know, Mitutoyo has been building high quality precision measurement tools for decades. When you buy a Mitutoyo product, you are buying reliability and accuracy for all your measurements. Their microscope collections are no exception. At Higher Precision, we are proud to offer a number of different makes and models of the Mitutoyo microscopes. These specialty tools are truly amazing in both their capabilities and speculations.

Precision measuring microscopes are ideal when working in a workshop or lab that conducts research, is in charge of quality control, or engages in inspections. Most commonly, these tools are utilized when making measurements that do not involve direct contact. Specifically, measuring microscopes, like those made by Mitutoyo, measure an object’s X-Y-axis as well as planar dimensions contained with the microscope field. There are a number of different series that come built with a range of measurement capabilities within the Mitutoyo microscope family.

Each of the Mitutoyo microscopes is unique and powerful. The different series available include the MF-A/B series, the MF-U series, and the TM series. Some of the available subseries are standard measuring microscopes, some are motor-driven, and some come with a wide field view. When you buy any model of Mitutoyo microscope, you are buying the highest accuracy and reliability in measurement. All models are inspected using JIS B 7153 standards, ensuring uniformity of best-in-class high accuracy. One of the benefits of choosing Mitutoyo microscopes is that they offer a range of options when it comes to stage size. The smallest available is 100 x 100mm and the largest is 400 x 200mm. This allows for a number of different industries to use these measuring microscopes. Each master calibration and facility owned by Mitutoyo has been approved at the level of national standards. This helps to guarantee that your measurement results when using a Mitutoyo microscope also have the reliability of traced national standards.

Other incredible features of the Mitutoyo microscope family include their ultra-wide view field and their high magnification observation capabilities. With a wide field view of ø24mm, these tools cannot be beat. The C-mount port found on each model comes standard with the option of mounting an observation-specific camera or a vision measurement system. Depending on the user’s intended purpose, these measuring microscopes come with both ultra-low magnification as well as high magnification close to the resolution limit. Beyond all of the practical specifications, the Mitutoyo measuring microscopes are also intuitive to operate. The built-in quick release mechanism makes moving rapidly between necessary positions for measurement simple. Additionally, the available vision unit technology makes measurement of an edge simple for all users with just a click of a button.

The MF series of Mitutoyo microscope comes with a telecentric optical system that reduces any potential error from magnification as a result of working distance variation. This series also has surpassed the JIS standard in accurate magnification specifications, and allows for an ultra-long working distance to help reduce collision risk and improve safety. The MF-U series stands out with its amazing quality of color and apochromatic design. These measuring microscopes go beyond the standard bright-field observation and offer the choice of dark-field, simple polarized, and differential interference observations as well. The TM series of Mitutoyo microscope comes with newly designed LED illuminators, base design with a lateral notch, improved camera adaptors, a new wide-ranged AC adapter, and a smaller footprint in high traffic workshops. This series is optimal in ergonomic and environmental capabilities.

Each of the Mitutoyo microscopes is built for optimum accuracy and reliability in every measurement. These tools are all around the best in their class. With numerous different microscopes within each series available, each with its own unique features and specifications, there is a Mitutoyo measuring microscope for everyone in any industry. Contact us at Higher Precision today to learn more about the Mitutoyo microscopes we offer and to determine which one might be the best fit for you.

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