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Train to Nowhere

It is not a common occurrence for a major renovation to lead to a $68.4 million dollar blunder. When millions of dollars are invested into major city projects, it would make sense to get the logistics and blueprints in order before committing to such a substantial investment. One would surmise some finite details were overlooked in a recent renovation of commuter trains being added to their respective stations. Seems simple…….what could go wrong?

Could you imagine investing in expensive double-deck trains only to find out they do not fit into the stations they were designed to fit into? How could this happen? The national rail operator for Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) gave the wrong dimensions to train company La Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer (SNCF). This resulted in the acquisition of high-dollar trains that are too large to fit into their stations.

The problems stemmed when only a fraction of station platforms were actually measured when it came time to determine train dimensions. It was determined that only platforms built less than 30 years ago had been measured. It turned out that many of the regional platforms were built more than 50 years ago. These older platforms had trains which were slimmer than that of the newer trains which had different dimensions.

This egregious blunder was completely avoidable. Prior to any trains being acquired, a thorough process should have occurred where precision and accurate measurement was an absolute priority. This would have resulted in a project that was completed the way it had been initially intended, thus sparing the embarrassment to the RFF, SNCF, and the nation of France. The ripple effect of individuals affected by this blunder would mostly importantly inconvenience French commuters who spend their hard-earned money to utilize public transportation.

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