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Since 1972, Trimos has specialized in the “Swiss made” production of innovative, user-friendly and advanced design precision measurement tools. Specializing in height gages, horizontal measuring instruments, and surface analysis instruments, Trimos firmly believes in the importance of quality control.

Trimos ensures quality of all of its precision measurement tools by enlisting the top-notch craftsmanship of highly qualified professionals. In addition, Trimos stands by the highest level of quality by consistently being ISO9000 certified. This certification entails standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to maintain a practical quality assurance system for manufacturing facilities. These variables ensure a finished product that is meticulously mastered for the benefit of the valued customer.

A great Trimos product worth mentioning is the 54-199-300 V Plus Series Electronic Height Gage. The V Plus Series is commonly known as the “Cadillac of height gages” due to its impressive quality and durability. This unique tool differs from many other similar height gages in the industry as it is capable of accurate usage in harsher environments such as shop floors. This differs from that of other similar height gages that are recommended only for usage in controlled lab environments. The Trimos 54-199-300 V Plus Series Electronic Height Gage is an incredible measurement tool that is now available for purchase at HigherPrecision.com. This height gage has the following specifications:

Fowler/Trimos 54-199-300 V Plus Series Electronic Height Gage: 0-21″/535mm


  • Repeatability: .00008″/.002mm(+/- 2s)
  • Accuracy: 2.5 + L (mm/300)
  • Measures height, inside and outside diameters and centerline locations without changing probes
  • Simple to operate with hand wheel and self triggering probe
  • Swiss engineering and construction
  • Min/Max/Delta value
  • Direct RS-232 output for SPC
  • Built-in pump provides air cushion to reduce wear and fatigue
  • Full numeric keypad and large display
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Optional printer and probes
  • Hand wheel w/fine adjustment
  • Includes 4mm ruby probe, probe calibration gage, charger, dust cover and certificate of accuracy
  • Holds probes with a 8m shank

So what are you waiting for? Purchase Trimos products and other great products from HigherPrecision.com for all your precision measurement tool needs!

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