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Types of Mitutoyo Bore Gages

There are thousands of companies throughout the United States that only use one brand when it comes to bore gages — Mitutoyo. There is a good reason why so many companies have brand loyalty when it comes to Mitutoyo bore gages. Mitutoyo bore gages are like Honda Accords or Craftsman Wrenches; they are made of the best quality products and seem to last forever. Below, is a breakdown on the most popular types of bore gages offered by Mitutoyo:

Mitutoyo Series 511 Dial Bore Gages: The 511 series bore gages are available in four different styles: standard, blind holes, small holes, and short leg type. Mitutoyo dial bore gages are offered in a variety of ranges, graduations and have optional extensions available to be able to measure deeper into bores.

Mitutoyo Borematic Bore Gages – Series 568: The borematic bore gages are accurate, repeatable, and allow operators to measure bores much faster. Once the borematic has been set and calibrated correctly in the setting ring, the electronics will retain the origin setting and the operator is ready for use. The borematic bore gages operate very similar to the Fowler pistol grip bore gages. When squeezing the trigger handle, the measuring contacts retract within the head and by letting the handle out slowly, the measuring contacts make contact with the bore and display the diameter on the electronic readout. The borematic bore gages are available as individual gages or also as larger sets.

Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest Bore Gages – Series 468: The digitmatic holtest bore gages are one of the most commonly used bore micrometers in the U.S. The electronics on the digimatics are very easy to use and the ratchet stop allows operators to be consistent in measuring the bores. Please make note that setting rings are not included in the individual range kits.

Absolute Digimatic Bore Gage – Series 511: The absolute digimatic bore gage is one of the best quality electronic dial bore gages available on the market. Some of the popular features include: minimum lock, 3 presets, go/no-go tolerances and depth extensions.

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