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Why I Joined the Higher Precision Team

My name is Matthew Freeman. I am a United States Navy Veteran with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. In my free time I enjoy being a father to an amazing 6 year old daughter, writing, recording, and producing music, and also teaching guitar to eager students.

Recently in September of 2013, I was presented with a little uncertainty. Upon completion of earning my Bachelor’s degree, I was eager to hit the ground running and jump into the IT field. The only problem was a similar problem plaguing millions of other young college graduates. Where will I work and how can I stand out among so many others in my position?

I started by updating my resume with my recent degree accolades. I used all the avenues available to me online and began my job search. One company specifically reached out to me very quickly and expressed interest in having me come in for an interview. That company was HigherPrecision.com, which specializes in the sale of precision measurement tools. As I arrived into the office, it became apparent to me that the company I was interviewing with was a little different than what I was expecting.

I was introduced to what seemed like the entire team in the conference room and got to know everyone very quickly. Everyone in this company was viewed as an important enough asset to the team that they meet with potential candidates to see if workplace chemistry exists. The team shared their vision and expectations with me and soon after I was given the opportunity to intern for two days a week. I took this opportunity to absorb as much knowledge as I could while proving myself in hopes I would receive an opportunity to work for Higher Precision on a full-time basis.

As my internship came to a close I was offered the position I was highly coveting. I jumped at the opportunity to work for the company that has taught me so much. In addition, Higher Precision values my work ethic, treats their employees like the assets they are, and sees me as an integral piece of the long-term future of their company.

I’ve learned that a job is not really a job at all if you are enjoying what you do. I feel this way when I arrive to work daily for Higher Precision, where each day presents new challenges and new technologies to learn. I look forward to contributing long-term to the ultimate success of Higher Precision.

I want to offer my extreme gratitude to the team at Higher Precision for giving me this great opportunity to accelerate my career all while working with some great individuals. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention visiting HigherPrecision.com for all your precision measurement tool needs!

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