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Bore Gage Brands:

Higher Precision also carries the following brands of bore gages that are not yet available for online purchase. These brands will be added to our online catalog within the next few months.  If you would like a quote on a specific bore gage of any of the brands listed below, please contact us today.

  • Dorsey Metrology Bore Gages
  • Asimeto Bore Gages
  • Mahr Federal Bore Gages
  • Phase II Bore Gages

A bore gage is a comparative gage in which you are comparing a known diameter (setting master) to the bore that is being measured. Thus, bore gages have to be mastered before use. Setting master rings are most commonly used and the most accurate way to set a bore gage. Machinists and mechanics that do not need to hold as tight of tolerances use micrometers or special setting masters as an alternative to calibrate the bore gage. Whether it is a cylinder bore gage, 3-point bore gage, or a simple set of telescoping gages, make Higher Precision your first stop for bore gaging.

Higher Precision has had the privilege to work with some of the most highly respected bore gaging companies in the world. We have the knowledge and ability to create custom bore gages to measure grooves, threads, both small and large diameters, splines, deep bores and tapers just to name a few. Bore gages are available in 2-point and 3-point contacts.

Like most of our digital gages, Higher Precision offers a variety of electronic bore gages with SPC output to be able to connect your gage to a laptop or PC in order to collect data. We offer output cables with 9-pin serial connections as well as USB. Wireless data collection is becoming more popular in today’s machine shops and is available with many electronic bore gages that we offer.

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