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CDI Indicators

Higher Precision carries the complete line of CDI Dial and Electronic Indicators. We have every type of mechanical indicator and accessory available for purchase. We carry Universal Dial Test, AGD Group 1, AGD Group 2, AGD Group 3, and AGD Group 4 dial indicators. These dial indicators are available in a variety of ranges, graduations, and sizes. Chicago Dial Indicators are the best in the industry. All CDI dial indicators are available with fully jeweled movements. Sapphire bearings mount directly into upper and lower plates with no auxiliary bushings, reducing the possibility of misalignment.

Along with with dial indicators CDI provides are large selection of electronic indicators. We carry the CORE Gages, VRS Gages, Mini Logic ALG Gages, Mini Logic IQ Gages, and Logic Illuminate Gages. These are industry leading gages that provide precise and highly accurate measurements. Indicators are packed with easy to use basic and advanced features. All of our indicators have USB and MTI (Digimatic) data output built into the indicator. We offer the very fast CDI output (on request) and offer many USB, RS232, and MTI cables for data collection. With these data outputs there are different software options as well. Chicago Dial Indicators have an extensive line of hardware accessories if you need them. For over 30 years CDI has been making quality Made in the USA Dial and  Electronic Digital Indicators. These indicators are highly trusted from top level engineers at major corporations to a seasoned machinist working in his own shop. They make indicators that you can trust will provide top quality measurements. 

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