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Precision Granite Plate Stands

Higher Precision carries both types of Precision Granite Surface Plate Stands. We provide the steel stationary stand or the steel castered stand with locks option. The weight of these steel stands is very heavy. Many people like the option of the plate with casters to move these stands. Once a stationary stand is set it’s incredibly difficult to relocate it in your complex. Small stands include keepers to prevent the surface plate from being pushed off the stand. This keeps the plate from being damage or causing in injury falling on a person.

The ASME B89.3.7-2013 and Fed. Spec. GGG-P-463c recommends three fixed points to support the surface plate and minimize sag and warp. Precision Granite plates are marked on the bottom of the plate to coincide with the supports on the top of the stand. When aligned with each other they uphold the accuracy of the plate.

Precision Granite standard stands are manufactured to support the weight of the surface plate plus 50 pounds per square foot load. Stands are made for each plate to meet a 36” working height unless specified otherwise. 

If a taller precision granite surface plate stand is required this can be specially quoted. Standards do have required dimensions to support the plate properly. 

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