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Caliper Brands:

Higher Precision also carries the following brands of calipers that are not yet available for online purchase. These brands will be added to our online catalog within the next few months.  If you would like a quote on a specific caliper of any of the brands listed below, please contact us today.

  • Asimeto Calipers
  • Mahr Federal Calipers
  • Phase II Calipers

Calipers have been one of the most commonly used precision measuring instruments in manufacturing facilities and will continue to be used for hundreds of years to come. A caliper can be used very quickly to obtain a distance measurement between two opposing sides of a work piece. Most calipers are generally used to take outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) measurements. Many calipers offered at Higher Precision also are able to measure depth as well as step.

Whether you are measuring in inches, millimeters or both, calipers are available in a variety of different ranges and graduations. Calipers that measure in fractions started to become popular in 2009 and are also available for purchase in a few different styles and ranges. Higher Precision breaks calipers down into three different styles: vernier, dial and electronic. In addition to these standard calipers, internal and external caliper gages from a variety of manufacturers are available in dial and electronic.

Electronic calipers are becoming the most common caliper used for precision measurement for a few different reasons. Employers use electronic calipers because they do not have to worry about the operator misreading the vernier scale or dial. Data collection is becoming more of a demand for most companies and operators are able to send the measurement from the caliper directly to a PC or laptop by the push of a button. This practice is more efficient than having the operator write down each measurement on a piece of paper. Even with technical improvements in electronic calipers, dial and vernier calipers are still very common and will be used for many years to come.

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