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Chamfer Gage Brands:

Higher Precision also carries the following brands of chamfer gages that are not yet available for online purchase. These brands will be added to our online catalog within the next few months. If you would like a quote on a specific chamfer gage of any of the brands listed below, please contact us today.

  • Fowler Chamfer Gages
  • Dorsey Metrology Chamfer Gages
  • Mitutoyo Chamfer Gages
  • Starrett Chamfer Gages

A chamfer gage is a measurement tool that measures the major diameter of chamfers, tapered holes and countersinks. The major diameter of the chamfer is read directly on the dial or electronic indicator. One of the nice features on a chamfer gage is that the operator does not need a master to set the gage.

If the operator wants to check the accuracy of the chamfer gage, there is typically a “set to” number on the back of the dial. The operator can apply pressure and rest the base of the gage against a flat surface. When this occurs, the dial or electronic indicator should read exactly what the “set to” number is on the back of the gage. If the chamfer gage reading is off slightly, the operator can turn the bezel on the dial so the needle is pointing to the “set to” number. If it is an electronic chamfer gage, the gage can simply be reset.

Higher Precision carries a few different style chamfer gages that are available for purchase. The chamfer gages we carry fall into two different angle ranges: 0-90 degrees and 90-127 degrees. The selection of either of these two ranges is dependent on what the approximate angle of the chamfer gage is that needs to be measured. Once the operator knows what the angle of the chamfer gage is and the approximate diameter of the chamfer, the correct gage for their application can be selected. Higher Precision carries inch and metric chamfer gages as well as internal and external chamfer gages. Electronic and special chamfer gages are also available upon request.

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