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Hole gages are designed to measure small holes or diameters from a range of .010-1.030”/.25-26.15mm. These gages are extremely easy to use as the operator inserts the gage into the small hole, presses the plunger against the part and reads the diameter directly on the dial. Setting masters are not needed, but are optional and available for those who want to increase the overall accuracy of the gage.

If the operator wants to check the accuracy of the hole gage, there is typically a “set to” number printed on the back of the dial. The operator can apply pressure and rest the base of the gage against a flat surface. The dial or electronic indicator should read exactly what the “set to” number is on the back of the gage. If the chamfer gage is reading off slightly, the operator can turn the bezel on the dial so the needle is pointing to the “set to” number. If it is an electronic chamfer gage, the gage can simply be reset.

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