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When conducting measurements on a daily basis, you often encounter a number of typical problems. You may still be manually inputting data which runs the risk of error and inefficiency. You may want to switch to wireless data loading, but are not prepared to invest the high initial cost. You may have multiple operators simultaneously using gages leading to an increase in time for pass/fail judgement of data collection. The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit has a solution to each of these. The U-Wave Fit automatically transfers your measurements into your computer software, eliminating the risk of entering incorrect data and increasing your efficiency. This incredible tool also does not have the typical initial investment of switching to wireless data transmission because you can add it to tools you are already using. Amazingly, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit can have up to 100 gages registered at one time, while still maintaining complete organization in data storage and easily performing all pass/fail judgements. Say goodbye to your metrology problems by getting the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit.

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