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Each of the series of Mitutoyo microscopes come with a range of optional accessories. The standard vision unit works to reduce the variation while improving efficiency in each measurement, and simplifies reporting and data storage. The vision unit dedicated software (QSPAK) allows for both simple and universal mode switching, editing of the measurement program, edge detection functions, simplified multi-point measurement, graphics, and quick navigation. Other adaptable software packages are also available. A few of the other available accessories for the Mitutoyo measuring microscopes include: calibration chart, C-mount adaptor, 0.5x TV adaptor, 2-dimensional data processing unit, foot switch, eyepieces, optical tubes, reticles, rotary table, stage adaptor, holder with clamp, v-block with clamp, swivel center support, vibration damping stand, mounting stand, illumination filter, ring light, dual swan-neck light pipe, and more.
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