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The advantages of using a disk micrometer all come down to the shape of the measurement faces. The wide, thin, and evenly shaped discs of the measurement faces increase the ability to reach into tough to get areas and to navigate the shape of gear teeth. Additionally, the plate shaped measurement surfaces allow for an evenly applied degree of force that disperses across the surface of what is being measured. This allows for less risk of damage to thin or delicate materials that need a measurement of thickness. Paper, foam, metal, rubber, plastics, and film are not being put at risk when taking a measurement with the disk micrometer. Another major advantage of the disk micrometer is its ability to measure materials that may be too thick for another micrometer to reach around. Again, the thin disc-shaped measurement faces are very useful for reaching around a part that is otherwise too wide for typical micrometers. Both the ability of the disk micrometer to widen and slide around broader parts and to lie flat and even against thin, delicate materials serve as the advantages that make this tool one-of-a kind.

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