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The biggest benefit of using a caliper gage in precision measurement is the versatility of the tool. Caliper gages can measure any number of points of contact on a part or object, and has a much wider measurement range that similar tools. These great devices are able to be so flexible in measurement capability because of the hinged geometry technology used to build them. The jaws on a caliper gage have movement based on a gear within the pivot point, which can be re-enlarged by the same degree on the face of the tool. As long as a consistent 10:1 ration is maintained, you can adjust the jaws on a caliper gage to be almost any shape or size that you need. This allows the caliper gage to be used to measure distances, angled holes, flanges, curves, and hard-to-reach areas. While taking accurate and precise measurements using a caliper gage requires experience and practice, once you are well-versed in using these tools you can use them across so many different types of measurements. Having the skill to use a caliper gage is very useful to any metrologist.
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