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The most common types of micrometer anvils today include flat micrometer anvils, spherical micrometer anvils, v-shaped micrometer anvils, blade micrometer anvils, and tube micrometer anvils. The anvil shape required depends entirely on the type of measurement job at hand. The flat micrometer anvil is the most common anvil shape available. The flat micrometer anvil is used for measuring flat surfaces and thicknesses, providing fast and accurate data. The spherical micrometer anvil is also known as a ball micrometer anvil. The spherical micrometer anvil is best used when measuring curved surfaces and uses a single point of contact with the object. The v-shaped micrometer anvil looks just like the letter “v” and holds an object in place using these secured two points of contact. V-shaped micrometer anvils are ideal for measuring balls. The blade micrometer anvil looks very similar to a flat head screwdriver and is thin and slender in shape. The blade micrometer anvil is used to take groove diameter measurements. Finally, the tube micrometer anvil is shaped like a tube and vertically positions, making this anvil ideal or taking measurements of tubes and other bores.

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