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There are nine main parts that make up a dial test indicator. First there is of course the dial face itself. Located at the very top of a dial test indicator is the cap. Around the entire dial face is the bezel. The bezel is what is rotated in order to calibrate and reset the dial test indicator. Along the bezel are two limit markers that can be moved around depending on their use. Just to the right toward the top of the dial face is the bezel clamp, which helps to lock the bezel in place. On the dial face there is a hand, sometimes called a pointer, and may be a smaller turn counter. The stem extends from the bottom of the dial test indicator. At the very end of the stem is the contact point that is used to make contact with the part being measured. Just above this, about halfway down the stem is the spindle, which is the part of the tool that moves in order to detect any imperfections.
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