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While there a couple of methods of setting a dial bore gage, no method is perfect, and choosing one will likely depend on preference and availability of tools. First, you can set your dial bore gage using a micrometer. By placing your gage between the spindle and anvil on the micrometer, and zeroing the indicator to the minimum reading provides your nominal size. Second, you can use a set of master rings in order to set a dial bore gage. This method is very precise, but can be costly depending on the number of master ring sizes you require. Third, you can use gage blocks to represent your desired nominal size and set your dial bore gage in this way. Gage blocks are often easily accessible, but this process takes a bit more time. Metrologists will likely have their own method of choice for setting a dial bore gage, but knowing how to use these multiple methods can come in handy depending on tool availability and the circumstances of the measurement.
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