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The overarching name given to the wide ranging software packages available through Wyler is wylerSOFT. Built within this greater program are a series of important subsets that can be combined or not to create an incredible suite of precision measurement software. WylerSPEC is a tool used for measurement tasks concerning the geometry of objects and machines, calculating measurements of flatness, parallelism, and squareness. WylerDYNAM samples and analyzes data in order to measure and display inclinations, profiles, and more for both stationary and moving objects. WylerCHART is based on wylerDYNAM but is preconfigured to launch standard applications right away, making it very simple to use. LabEXCEL CLINO displays the measurement values determined by the Clinotronic inclination measurement instruments. WylerINSERT reads values taken by the Wyler BlueSystem devices and inserts them into any other program that you are using. Finally, Wyler sells a software development kit that customers can use in order to develop their own software for analyzing data from Wyler instruments in order to better customize the tools to their needs.
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